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Cedar + Stone Organic Skin Care

Cedar and Stone is organic skin care created right here on the Gold Coast. All herbs, plants, minerals and crystals are sourced and derived from some of the most diverse environments including the forest and the desert. Don't be fooled by 'naturally derived' ingredients that have been through an intense chemical process - all Cedar and Stone ingredients are the real deal - 100% natural. Although eating healthy and organic foods has been a trend for quite some time now, sometimes it's difficult to remember that what you're putting on your face can also contain harmful chemicals. Kate Sampson and Anna Hamilton, sisters from the Gold Coast combine organics with luxury to bring to life Cedar and Stone. Inspired by her continual skin irritations thanks to chemicals in skin care products, Anna sought help from her sister Kate, who had studied natural therapies and together, they found a niche in the natural skin care market. Embarking on an experimental journey, the two sisters set about the trial and error process of creating the perfect, unique botanical recipe for each product. All products contain no chemicals, artificial fragrances, additives or preservatives.

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